St Breward Scrub Clearance For Balsam Control

Brambles, gorse and aching backs. All thanks to balsam! – By Nicola Morris

SINNG volunteers worked tirelessly this week at a site where Himalayan balsam has almost been eradicated on Bodmin Moor. More usually seen growing on river banks Himalayan balsam had likely spread to this site, 800 feet above sea level and not near a water course, after escaping from a garden.

The local landowners have been very helpful in controlling this invader but one area had never been controlled until the new owners bought the property 3 years ago. After meticulously hand pulling the plants our efforts were rewarded as last year no balsam was able to seed. However, one area proved difficult to get to as it was very overgrown with gorse, bramble and bracken.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of SINNG volunteers this area has been cleared so there should be no trouble surveying this site and removing any last balsam plants. Hot pasties and curry kept everyone going and despite the scratches and aching backs their hard work has definitely paid off. Great work!