Palmate Newt

Citizen Science: Using local knowledge to help amphibian conservation in South East Cornwall

SINNG is once again undertaking important work to help with the conservation of Cornish wildlife such as the lovely palmate newt pictured above. We are keen to hear from anyone living in the South East Cornwall area and all we ask is for you to take part in a short short survey which should take about 10 minutes.

Anyone who lives in the area can participate and although some questions relate to ponds & gardens you don’t need to have these to help us. All results are valuable and will help us build a good picture of current amphibian populations and how best to conserve them.

Please also share the link and if you don’t live locally you can still help us by sharing the link with all your contacts. They or their friends may live in the area and be able to join in. Many thanks in advance for your support.

Amphibian survey link